A boatyard in Massachusetts can provide practically any kind of service your vessel might need, including storage during the offseason and preparation for winter. Some boatyards are able to provide more services than others, either because they have specialist personnel or specialized equipment, so when you’re looking for a specific service, it might be worth your while to contact specific boatyards to determine if they provide the service you need. Two of the most commonly required services are boat hauling and boat storage, and these are often required in tandem, i.e. you might need your boat hauled to a storage facility for the offseason.

General boatyard services 

Some boatyards offer a full range of services, and that means you can have all the work you need done at a single location. For instance, you might need to have your boat pressure washed to remove all the materials which accumulate on the exterior. Bottom painting is another service often called for, to maintain the waterproof characteristic of the hull. Marine electrical work is sometimes needed, either to repair known problems or to carry out normal maintenance to ensure that your boat is ready for the coming season.

Some boatyards offer a formal winterization or summerization service which prepares the boat for that specific season, either for a long period of inactivity or for a period where the most intense activity of the year can be expected. If repairs are necessary on your vessel, boatyard personnel can usually carry out these repairs, whether they be to the engine or other mechanical or electrical systems. Whatever parts must be replaced can be done by boatyard personnel, and if accessories are sought, these can be supplied also. 

Boat hauling services

Hauling services are offered by many boatyards, although it will be necessary to discuss the dimensions of your boat with service personnel, to ensure that your boat can safely be hauled by their equipment. The length and height of the boat must be taken into consideration since it will often be necessary to pass under viaducts, bridges, and even wiring. If the boat is not being hauled to the company’s boatyard, it will generally be necessary for you to supply blocks and stands, so the boat can safely be offloaded. 

Storage services 

When you’re looking to have your boat stored for an entire offseason, there are generally some requirements that need to be carried out before you have it stored. It will be necessary to have waste tanks pumped out prior to storage, and the boat must either be pressure washed by you or by the boatyard team. When your boat is delivered to the boatyard, you’ll have to remove all drain plugs and then re-install them after you’ve retrieved your boat from storage, and you’re preparing to use it for the next season.

Many boatyards will allow you to work on your boat at their facility, and may even provide you with the lighting and tools necessary to do the work you have in mind. If you can only work on the boat during off-hours, your needs may still be accommodated by the boatyard, especially if you have stored your boat there in the past, and have a good working relationship with the company.

Some boatyards will also provide a shrink-wrap service so that once your boat has been prepared for the long offseason, it can be fully protected against any kind of storage conditions or just natural exposure. A full-service boatyard in Massachusetts can be the perfect way to keep your boat ready for another season of enjoyment out on your favorite Massachusetts waterway.

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