Goodwin Marine Services became involved in the boatyard hauling and storage business way back in 2010, and since then we have been steadily increasing our capacity, as well as the number of services we offer. We have always provided outstanding service to customers, and that was a big reason why demand for those services steadily grew after our founding. In 2015, we acquired the business and the property of South Shore Marine, and that provided another big boost to our own growing business.

In addition to greatly increasing our storage capacity, that acquisition also allowed us to open up a Service Department which could arrange for repairs to be done on engines and other vessel components. Since that time, we have supplemented our offerings to include bottom painting, pressure washing, marine electrical work, boat disposal, winterization, summerization, trailer repair, and even a shrinkwrap service. Whenever you might need any accessories or parts for your vessel, we’ll either have it in stock, or we can order it for you by the next day. Below are some details about the services we offer.

Boat hauling

We provide a very safe and reliable boat hauling service, but we do require that a client’s boat be fully prepared for hauling or storage, otherwise additional charges may apply. We can haul either sailboats or power boats up to a length of 40 ft, although there are special circumstances in which the maximum length could be exceeded. Before we can load your boat on to our trailers or equipment, your hauling fee must be paid in full. There are some standard preparations required before we can haul your boat:

  • Mast-side carry is available, although it will be an additional charge.
  • Vessels which are over height must have a rider during transportation, so that wires and other hazards can be dealt with. If we provide that rider, it will be an additional cost.
  • At additional cost, mast step/unstep can be provided, although sails and boom must be removed before your vessel is brought to our boatyard. 
  • Clients must ensure that a boat is operational before it is loaded for launching.
  • We can run your boat to a mooring or a slip, at additional cost.
  • If we haul a boat to your location, you must have blocks and stands ready for storage, and conditions must be deemed safe by our crew, or it will be necessary to return the boat to its original location, at your expense.

Boat storage

We provide storage at our boatyard for both short-term situations and entire off-seasons, although payment for storage must be received in advance of your boat reaching our storage facility. Here are the terms we ask for in order to provide top-notch storage for your vessel:

  • All waste tanks must be pumped out before bringing your vessel to our boatyard.
  • Either you must pressure-wash the boat, or we will do it for you at additional cost.
  • We use our own blocks and stands for storage, and do not accept customer equipment in our boatyard.
  • Clients can work on their boats while stored in our boatyard, and we will provide electricity for that, either during normal business hours or after hours.
  • A security deposit may be required, and this will be refunded when your boat leaves our yard, and your account is in good standing.
  • When your boat arrives at our yard, you must remove drain plugs, and when it leaves our boatyard, you must re-install them.

Other services

We have a fleet of vessels which can be used for offshore marine services, including usage as research vessels. In fact, several of our boats have been specifically designed to accommodate such research, and they include equipment necessary for carrying out such tasks at sea. We have boats of various lengths and sizes, and one of them is sure to be a perfect fit for the project you have in mind. Ranging from the Maverick at 26.8 ft, all the way up to the Rachel K Goodwin and the James K Goodwin at 110 ft, we will have the perfect research vessel for your needs. Whatever kind of offshore surveys or sampling you need to carry out, we have the perfect boat to help you accomplish your objectives.

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