Since the year 2002, Goodwin Marine Services of Hull, Massachusetts has been chartering its research vessels for use as marine research platforms for groups and individuals involved with such projects. One of the most economical, reliable, and adaptable of our research vessels is the Jamie Hanna. This boat is a 55-ft craft with a 7-ft draft, which is equipped with more than adequate deck space and lab space, to accommodate practically any kind of tasks essential to your project. It is ideally designed for research, and it is an extremely stable platform from which to carry out all your scientific work. Below you will find some of the details relative to this vessel, and why it would be ideal for whatever marine research project you need to conduct.


Designed for offshore surveys and sampling, the Jamie Hanna is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass, and has 480 sq. ft. of deck space, so you won’t be crowded during trips to sea. There’s also 180 sq ft of lab space in the pilothouse, where your labwork can be carried out with plenty of room for convenience. A four-place dinette provides a facility which allows for refreshments to be enjoyed, when there’s a break from project tasks. The heated shower offers an opportunity for clients to wash off the sea salt and sweat, and to feel re-energized for the work at hand. 

Meals can be prepared easily, since there is a full sized galley on board, with a refrigerator and stove. This is especially handy for cruises of longer duration, where several meals must be prepared for those on the vessel. When it’s time to get some rest, there are four berths available, each of which is equipped with LED lighting and an AC power source, so your phone or mobile device can be charged up. Cruising speed for the Jamie Hanna is 18 knots, with a maximum speed of 23 knots, when necessary.

On-board equipment 

The 1,000 lb. capacity stainless davit can be very helpful with getting aboard any heavy survey equipment associated with your research project, and a 14-inch pot and anchor hauler can also be used for hoisting equipment. Additionally, the Jamie Hanna research vessel is equipped with two Pullmaster H8 5,000-lb. capacity winches, and two 1,000-lb. capacity oceanographic winches. It also has a 5,000-lb capacity hydraulic A-frame, and a variable-flow seawater pump, which can be used to keep the interior dry.

For the generation of electricity, a Northern Lights 12KW Genset is carried on board, and this powerful combination of generator and engine can satisfy whatever electrical needs your project might have. For navigation, the Jamie Hanna carries a PC plotter with coast-to-coast NOAA charts, so it will be easy to navigate to any specific place required by your research project. Weather updates are constantly provided by Sirius satellite radio, in case any weather surprises pop up while a cruise is underway.

Safety measures 

Whenever a client engages the services of Goodwin Marine Services, we make sure that no aspect of safety is overlooked, and that’s for everyone involved. There are lots of things that can go wrong at sea, and we aim to manage all those possibilities, so that everyone returns home safe and sound. For that reason, a number of safety measures are installed on the Jamie Hanna research vessel, starting with a reliable fire suppression system, as well as four fire extinguishers.

There are also 12 Life Vests and 12 survival suits included, in case of any kind of sea-going emergency. Four First Aid kits provide emergency medical treatment for any kind of mishaps at sea, until the injured person can be transported to a medical facility. In the event of some kind of disaster (which has never happened on board before), there is a 25-man life raft which can be used if it becomes necessary to abandon the vessel. If any kind of accident should occur at sea, an Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) will be triggered, and the vessel’s position will be transmitted to a consortium of rescue services.

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