R/V Jamie Hanna

The R/V Jamie Hanna is a custom-built fifty-five foot Wesmac hull design that was commissioned in 2012 to meet the increasing demand for a bigger and more versatile offshore platform.  Having worked in the industry for years, owner and operator Josh Goodwin spent months communicating with the builders and pouring over details to ensure that the Jamie Hanna would provide the company with a dependable and well thought out design that would be useful for years to come. Marine Research Platforms

The result of that time and attention to details is a reliable and multifaceted vessel ideal for a host of research purposes. The vessel’s Downeast hull design makes for an incredibly reliable and steadfast platform in any sea condition, while still allowing for a comfortable ride and a cruising speed of up to 18 knots. As Josh always says, “the crew will quit well before the boat does”.

Along with a lab space for clients, the vessel features two deck winches, a pot hauler and davit, a retractable sonar pole, and a certified 5,000lb capacity hydraulic A-frame. With these tools at hand, clients are capable of achieving everything from target deployment and retrieval to geophysical and multibeam bathymetric surveys.

This essential equipment on deck as well as a full galley, head, and sleeping accommodations make for an ideal work platform for both inshore and offshore purposes. As on all Goodwin Marine Services vessels, the safety of client and crew is paramount and the vessel is equipped with all of the appropriate USCG certified safety equipment.

R/V James K Goodwin

The R/V James K Goodwin is a 110ft Graham design offshore supply vessel that was originally built in 1981 for the transportation of goods and cargo to and from offshore oil platforms. In fact, the R/V James K Goodwin was still active in the oilfield up until the year before we acquired it, which speaks volumes to the vessel’s design and dependability; a true workhorse.

With a twenty-six foot beam and over sixty feet of open deck space, the James K was a vital addition to the fleet and met a growing demand for extended offshore missions. After a few months of modifications, the vessel now includes a lab for clients and equipment, a full galley, and sleeping accommodations for up to sixteen, not including crew. Additional features include two full heads with showers, a lounge area, and heating and AC.

The vessel holds over twenty thousand gallons of fuel, and typically burns around fifty gallons per hour at its cruising speed of 10 knots.  During daily operations, the vessel burns between 10-20 gallons per hour, and a mere four gallons per hour while on genset only.

On deck, the R/V James K Goodwin features a certified hydraulic A-frame with seventeen feet of vertical clearance, as well as an 18,000lb capacity deck winch and a retractable sonar pole.

Similarly to the Jamie Hanna, the R/V James K Goodwin is fully outfitted with all necessary and up to date USCG safety equipment, including life rings, a fifty-man life raft, EPIRB, life jackets, and survival suits.

R/V Rachel K Goodwin

The R/V Rachel K Goodwin is our most recent acquisition and as a sister ship to the James K Goodwin, has nearly identical features. Built just a few years earlier in 1979, the Rachel K Goodwin had a similarly long and prosperous career in the oilfield before we purchased it in the spring of 2019.

Faced with competing jobs in a similar time frame, the decision was made to acquire a second 110ft Graham hull design. After a month of extensive work in a shipyard near Larose, Louisiana, the Rachel K Goodwin transited across the Gulf of Mexico and was sent immediately to work in Delray Beach, Florida. After successfully completing the job, the Rachel K Goodwin returned to her new homeport of Quincy, Massachusetts and further updates are repairs followed.

With the updates complete, the Rachel K Goodwin now features a lab space for clients, lounge, full galley, two heads with showers, and the same sleeping accommodations for up to sixteen clients.

In addition to the interior updates, additions were made to the deck in the form of a Palfinger 12,235lb maximum capacity knuckle boom crane, sonar pole, two deck winches, and a custom hydraulic A-frame with a twenty-seven foot vertical clearance from the block.

In addition to ample deck space and specially designed living accommodations, the Rachel K Goodwin has all of the necessary fire fighting, first aid, and safety equipment required by the USCG.

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