Seasonal & Short Term Boat Storage

We offer both seasonal boat storage as well as short term storage. We do require copies of insurance policies, proof of ownership, and a security deposit if applicable. The security deposit is refunded when the vessel leaves our property provided the account is in good standing. Boat storage fees must be prepaid before the boat arrives at the yard.

GMS reserves the right to charge the security deposit if the vessel in questionable value or if we feel there is a risk of boat abandonment.

Waste tanks must be pumped before boats are brought in for storage.

Boats must be pressure washed before they get to the yard or washed by us once they arrive. Additional fees apply.

GMS provides blocks and stands for all of the vessels stored in our yard. We don’t allow customer stands in our yard.

Customers may work on their stored boats in our yard. Water is available when the weather is warm enough as well as electricity.

The yard can be accessed by customers after hours as well as during our regular business hours.

Seasonal Boat trailer storage is available. Invoices must be paid before the trailer is brought to the yard. We reserve the right to charge a security deposit if the trailer is deemed to be a risk for abandonment. Security deposit is refundable when the trailer leaves our yard and the account is in good standing.

Please remember to remove your drain plugs and reinstall them when the vessels arrive and leave the yard. It is the owner’s responsibility to manage their own drain plugs unless arrangements have been made with the Service Department.

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